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The Mayan archaeological site of Tulum is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. The beautiful setting overlooks the ocean and is protected by the rain forest. Visit the ruins of one of the most fascinating civilization in history. Tulum surroundings spot a variety of natural and historical thrills you shouldn’t miss.
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This resort is one of the most impressive for its spectacular location. Overlooking the sea makes it a place of incomparable beauty.

El Castillo is the tallest building in the whole complex. It spots the most spectacular position. Because of its prominent position, it carried out the beacon function for the ships. Ancient Mayan used Tulum beach for trade. Tulum was one of the most important ports of the Yucatan peninsula up to the Spanish conquest.

The Temple of the Descendant God is the most important place of worship. Mayan called it like that because the figure of a deity is carved in the facade the other way around. This detail is unique in the Mayan traditional religious art.

The Temple of the Wind God is one of the most photographed building. Dedicated to Huracan, the god of the Mayan wind, is solitary on the cliff. It overlooks the ocean and dominates the winds that are in this side of Mexico.


The Biosphere covers an area of half a million hectares. It includes beaches and coral reefs, a tropical forest, dunes and cenotes. More than 300 species of birds and an infinity of plants and animals inhabits the reserve. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 it has been home to more than twenty Mayan settlements. The oldest among those settlements is dating back to the 5th century BC.

Muyil is a center of great importance for commerce. When you visit this archaeological site, do not forget the lagoon from which it takes its name. To enjoy a breathtaking view, go to the viewpoint to take photos of the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.


Widespread in this part of Mexico, the cenotes are a magnificent natural attraction. An absolute must see. Cenotes are natural pools formed by the collapsing of the chalky soil. They offer access to an underground world. A magic world made of small and hidden, crystalline water reservoirs. Many cenotes contain fresh water that is so pure that you can spot their blue depths with your bare eyes.

There are also open cenotes where you can soak in crystal clear water. Natural spa where you can take care of your body skin with seaweed enriched in vitamins and minerals. A natural paradise for underwater photography enthusiasts too.


Within the Sian Ka Biosphere Reserve, Punta Allen is definitely a magical place. A beautiful fishing village in the middle of one of the largest biodiversity reigns in the world.

A place where you can enjoy jungle, sea and water sports like kayaking and snorkeling.


The Bacala Lagoon is also called the lagoon of seven colors. It is one of the hidden paradises of this wonderful area of Mexico, not far from the border with Belize. Immersed in an incredible environment Bacalar Lagoon offers a unique spectacle. Crystal clear and unpolluted water on sunny days you can enjoy 7 different shades.

Stretching for 50 miles is characterized by breathtaking scenery. Intense blue turquoise contrasting with the bright green of the tropical jungle. It is the second largest freshwater lake in the world and yet the least colonized by tourism.

On the lake shore lies the town of Bacalar. A small, town with relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Overlooking this beautiful lagoon, is a must place to visit for all.


It’s no secret that the Yucatan Peninsula has become the major destination of Mexico. Its white beaches and crystal waters attracts more and more visitors from all over the world.

A place to visit, with its seafront skyscrapers and its dynamic and colorful disco-bar.

A spectacular sea and long, wonderful beaches are surrounding Cancun. If you are seeking luxury and fun here is where you will find them. The many cultural activities are another good reason to visit Cancun .

Playa del Carmen
Founded as small village, today Playa del Carmen is one of the most glamorous destination.“Playa”, as the locals call it, is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. The finest restaurants and the most fashionable shops and nightclubs are in the area. Buildings are elegant and exclusive, some made with great taste by Italian architects. Beaches in Playa are usually quieter than in Cancun. From Playa del Carmen ferries take you to Cozumel. Cozumel is the largest island of Mexico. It is a real paradise famous for diving in the coral reef, so beloved to Jacques Cousteau.


15 minutes from our hotel, located in the reserve of Sian Ka, Boca Paila is a protected area. Characterized by its unspoiled nature, is perfect for enjoying the ways of quietude.


Paamul Beach is a great little gem in the Caribbean sea, worth visiting during your holidays. At this intimate beach you can spend unforgettable sunny days in total quietness. The Paamul Beach has a deep bay, a must go for snorkeling.

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